Mood Changes and Moms

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Mood Changes and Moms

This essential class explains the wide range of mood changes experienced during pregnancy and up to a year after delivery. Moms, dads, and support persons can learn how to recognize the symptoms of mood swings and how to address them before they become extreme.

Families who arm themselves with information about mood changes related to pregnancy are more apt to seek and receive help when symptoms first develop and are better able to enjoy pregnancy, delivery and baby.

This class is just one element of the Mood Changes and Moms program, which also includes a support group for expectant and new moms along with access to helpful resources.

All childbirth classes are free of charge for those delivering at The Birthplace of Lutheran Hospital. Visit the Calendar of Events for a complete list of upcoming childbirth classes. Register for classes online or call (260) 435-7338(260) 435-7338.