Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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An MRI scan is a noninvasive way to see detailed images of organs, bones and soft tissues (muscles, tendons and ligaments). Patients lie on a table and enter a tube-like scanner that uses a strong magnetic field and radiofrequencies to capture images. These images are delivered to a computer and then viewed from various angles and in sections. The MRI does not use radiation to create images.

Multiple Scanners Meet Variety of Needs
Lutheran Hospital has four MRI scanners - three on the hospital campus and one at The Imaging Center - providing a wide range of exams for different needs. In addition to routine MRI services:

  • The wide-bore 3T MRI provides optimal images for brain, spine, prostate and joint scans
  • Lutheran's cardiovascular MRI services are performed on a 1.5T MRI scanner that utilizes advanced cardiac software
  • The Imaging Center offers accredited breast MRI services using its 1.5T scanner
  • The open-side MRI scanner accommodates patients who have limited mobility or experience high levels of anxiety in more enclosed spaces

All MRI services are accredited by the American College of Radiology, with additional accreditation for cardiac MRI and breast MRI on the specific scanners mentioned above.

Cardiovascular MRI Exams
A cardiac MRI may be used to look for signs of clogged arteries, thickening of the heart muscle, heart defects, heart failure, an aneurysm, damaged heart valves or a tumor.

Lutheran Hospital has the longest-running cardiac MRI (PDF) program in northern Indiana. The hospital performs comprehensive cardiovascular MRI exams using advanced cardiac software. This software, coupled with the speed and technology of the 1.5T scanner, is able to reveal more about the condition of the heart than numerous other tests combined.

Outpatient MRI Provides Quick Access, Lower-Cost Option
The Imaging Center of Lutheran Hospital is an outpatient facility that provides a lower-cost option coupled with easy access and convenient parking. Routine MRI services are provided using a 1.5T scanner. This site also offers accredited breast MRI services.

If you have questions about an upcoming MRI or are interested in scheduling an MRI, call (260) 435-7377 or (260) 435-7956.