The Optifast® Program

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Developing your own balance of smart eating, positive attitude and activity is the key to weight management.

Over 25 years many people have successfully lost weight and have learned to maintain a healthier weight by following our Optifast® Program. This comprehensive program involves working with health experts from fields of medicine, psychology, nutrition, behavior and exercise. Although nutrition is one piece of the plan, the Program is definitely more than a diet.

This Program is designed for people who have a Body Mass Index greater than 27 or for those people who need medical supervision while they are losing weight. The "typical" person who enrolls in this program has a long history of many dieting attempts, has more than 50 pounds of extra fat to lose and has at least one health condition that is a direct result of their extra weight. This might be elevated blood pressure or cholesterol levels, adult onset diabetes, sleep apnea, joint or back problems, or cardiovascular concerns.

Not everyone who joins our Program has health related concerns caused by their extra weight. They realize, however, that with a larger amount of body fat they want to participate in a medically supervised program of weight loss.

Most patients who attend our program have tried many diets before. They come with a great knowledge about what foods to eat and what kind of exercise to do. They say their problem isn't knowing, its doing. For this reason, the behavioral counselors work in group sessions to identify the underpinnings of eating and weight related habits. In groups, participants also begin to develop and practice lifestyle skills needed for food and activity management. Registered Dietitians and Exercise Specialists lead classes designed to enhance your knowledge and skill level and challenge you to use these skills daily.

The Optifast® Program can help people lose a significant amount of weight in a safe and rapid manner. Medical supervision by our physicians, skilled in obesity management, monitor your body's progress as you lose extra weight. Call today for a free Optifast program overview.