Insurance Coverage

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Does your insurance cover bariatric surgery? Patients can find out by calling their insurance company and asking if bariatric surgery is included in their plan. Patients are given a folder at the information session that contains step-by-step instructions on how to work through the preapproval requirements needed for bariatric surgery. Once the necessary paperwork is completed, the center sends a predetermination request to the insurance company for surgery approval. This process can take four to six weeks.

For the majority of patients who have insurance coverage, an insurance specialist from the center will connect with the insurance company to determine what will be covered and the remaining balance. An insurance specialist will discuss deductibles, ceilings and limits with the insurance company on behalf of the patient.

After a determination is made by the insurance company, a staff member will contact the patient to discuss next steps.

If your insurance does not cover bariatric surgery, call (260) 435-7844 (260) 435-7844 or (800) 444-2001 ext 7844 (800) 444-2001 ext 7844 to discuss prices.