Welcome to Lutheran Hospital

Welcome to Lutheran Hospital

Since its beginning in 1904, Lutheran Hospital has prided itself on the expert, innovative and high-tech care it provides to patients and their families in a nurturing, compassionate environment. Lutheran has grown from a 25-bed facility a century ago to a large tertiary care hospital that is recognized both locally and nationally for programs and services.

Lutheran's staff is dedicated to providing individualized care at every level. The Lutheran Transplant Center is home to northeastern Indiana's first and only kidney transplant program. The pediatric subspecialists of Lutheran Children's Hospital provide inpatient and outpatient services for infants, children and teens in areas designed especially for kids. And one of Lutheran's fastest growing services, weight management, includes bariatric surgeries and weight management programs tailored to each individual.

In addition, the Lutheran Cancer Center provides a full range of comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services. The Lutheran Chest Pain Center provides rapid evaluation for patients who present with chest pain and offers immediate angioplasty and stenting of the blocked artery for those having an acute heart attack. The Lutheran Stroke Center provides stroke patients with an aggressive and immediate approach to stroke assessment and treatment—within 30 minutes of the patient's arrival.

From minor scrapes and bruises to life-threatening illnesses and injuries, the emergency care team at Lutheran is ready to help. Special-alert processes are activated for stroke and heart attack patients, and Lutheran's cardiology team provides 24-hour interventional cardiology and around-the-clock heart catheterization team.

Patients who need immediate, advanced medical care and transportation to Lutheran may be moved by air in Lutheran Air, the hospital's medical helicopter, or by ground in one of the hospital's ambulance-like Mobile Intensive Care Units. The critical care transport team is specially trained to ensure each patient gets immediate, top-quality medical treatment to help ensure the best possible outcome.

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