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BMI Index

Are you overweight?
Use this simple chart to find your BMI (Body Mass Index).

Trim Down with TrimFast
TrimFast is Lutheran Weight Management's eight-week program designed to help participants lose weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle. It combines healthy eating with the option of up to four Optifast® meal replacement supplements per day to help "jump start" weight loss. Daily exercise is also encouraged as part of a healthier lifestyle.

TrimFast is a nutrition-focused approach to better health. Instructors include a registered dietitian, a licensed behaviorist and an exercise physiologist who will cover:

  • Exchange booklets and portion sizes
  • Managing cues
  • Label reading and grocery shopping
  • Stress management
  • Making exercise a way of life
  • Self-esteem
  • Dining out
  • Personal responsibility
  • A non-refundable program fee is due in full the first week of class.
  • Optifast® meal replacement supplements are additional; pay for supplements weekly or whenever they are picked up.
  • Recommendations for meal plans will be provided at the first TrimFast session.

Call (260) 435-7844 (260) 435-7844 , option 1, for additional information and to sign up.