MedGem® (Calorimeter)

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You hear it all the time: metabolism.
Most people understand metabolism as how slowly or quickly their bodies burn calories. Unfortunately, they don't understand how important knowledge of metabolism is for successful weight management. Being overweight contributes to increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other preventable diseases. Losing weight isn't just about looking better—it's a health issue.

Metabolism is the bodies process of converting food into energy to keep the body running and fuel daily activities. Our team of medically-trained weight management professionals have a unique tool that allows us to find your bodies "baseline" metabolism. Why is this important?

Once we can identify how much energy (calories) your body needs, we can help you establish a healthy diet that is absolutely tailored to your needs. Many weight management programs base their meal planning on calorie intake, but not specifically for each individuals needs.

The MedGem® test is fast, convenient and provides results that other tests can't. Please call the Lutheran Weight Management Center today to schedule your MedGem® consultation.